Barefoot Zen?

Barefoot Zen?
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Friday, April 6, 2012

The Joy of Quiet

You're not going to buy this for a minute.  If you know me, you likely know these truths:

1)  Facebook is my meth.

2)  Human interaction - even cyber-interaction - is a lifeline for me.

3)  I (think I) need consistent sonic stimulation.  I carry music w/ me wherever I go - the car, the computer, my iPod while I make dinner.

So, the revelation that, should I find myself living a life other than the one I've been blessed with here and now I would opt for something more monastic, might surprise you.

The idea of quiet, of living with less, of nature piercing the veil of manmade pollution, appeals to me dearly.  I'm not sure if I would last a day, much less a month, but the thought of a retreat - a few days with no conversation, no music, no cell phones or social media, sounds like a spiritual renaissance.

Could you do it?  Would you even want to?

I read (in "Buddha Standard Time" by Lama Surya Das) about a woman who takes one day a week to live in complete silence.  With two kids and a work-from-home business, I am not sure how realistic this is, but I am definitely entertaining the notion of finding an hour a day, inclusive of meditation time, perhaps, to honor the silence.

Here's the article that spurred this thought.  Check it out and share your thoughts on the idea of being able to not only unplug, but shut down:

The Joy of Quiet -

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