Barefoot Zen?

Barefoot Zen?
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Sunday, January 15, 2012

Instant Karma, Just Add Butter...

So, the latest news in the world of Food and Nutrition?  Paula Deen, the Empress of Transfats, will announce she is now battling Type 2 Diabetes and will also partner with Novartis, a big pharm company, to help raise awareness about the disease...and presumably help them shill their co-pay covered wares.

OK, this is where the cynic in me has to keep things in check.  Antony Bourdain recently called Ms. Deen the most dangerous woman in America because of her fat-laden recipes.  Now, I don't want to get into a food war.  Chances are, I wouldn't get along too well with either of the aforementioned folks.  I'm not a foodie, I don't have a distinguished palate, and over-the-top Southern women who cook uber-fatty food because that's how "mama an' 'em" done it make me cringe.

However, I will venture to say that it's no surprise someone who believes two Krispy Kreme donuts are an appropriate way to wrap a bacon burger is about to have to start taking insulin.  If Ms. Deen is going to earn big dollars from her disease, which I am sure she will, I do hope that the awareness she raises around diabetes has some true wisdom and influence behind it.

My dad has managed diabetes for over 25 years now.  My sister was just diagnosed with it this month.  So, I've got some skin in this game.  See, my sister worships at the altar of Paula Deen.  I mean, like I follow Springsteen.  She's road tripped to her restaurant, she's got all her books, she's stood in line to meet her.  So, you can see why I have a vested interest in Ms. Deen giving more than lip service to this disease.

I don't believe in an America where people are not free to put whatever crap they want to in their bodies.  I do believe, however, that we live in a country where a lot of people don't know the choices they have, have awareness around where to find good information, or perhaps just can't afford to eat foods that will sustain instead of decay their bodies.  Monsanto has bought the farm, quite literally, and we're all being processed into dietary submission.  Ms. Deen is just a symptom.  Hell, at least she cooks with a few natural ingredients.

Go to:  Fight Big Food  to find out more if you aren't tracking with me here.

Meanwhile, I hope Ms. Deen manages her disease state well.  I hope she turns to healthier recipes, on her own plate, and on her show.  I hope we find a way to start referring to fresh, locally grown food as 'comfort food' instead of a box of Mac 'n Cheese.

And, I hope I move a step closer to that myself in 2012.  I put these thoughts out there not because I am a shining example, after all.  I am a bit of a backsliding hypocrite, and a bit of an idealist who believes that I can continue to do better, eat better, cook better, and perhaps dodge the diabetes bullet that seems to reside in the Housworth genes.

So far, so good.  But, I've also got two kids, and they need the right example, the right roadmap, and the right cookbook.

So, please.  Don't pass the butter.  At least not the whole bucket.

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  1. What a fantastic, thought-provoking post! While I like Paula Deen's personality, or at least the public personae we are presented with, I've never been a fan of her cooking habits. It will be interesting to see how she moves forward with this issue. Interestingly enough, I saw an episode of Dr. Oz last month where Paula admitted to being a closet smoker for years and Dr. Oz vowed to help her quit and start making healthier choices. Hope she takes his offer up when the cameras aren't rolling too.