Barefoot Zen?

Barefoot Zen?
Namaste, Y'all...

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Staging a Sit In...Of Sorts.

If your new year's resolutions have already fallen apart, here's a second chance.  And this one doesn't require running shoes or calorie counting.  Actually, it requires something even more challenging.  Just sitting.  Every day.  For four weeks.

Mind you, that's not non-stop sitting.  That would then lead to you having a March resolution of finding a new job.  No, we're talking 5, 10, or maybe 30 minutes a day. It's the 28 Day Meditation Challenge.  Though "Challenge" seems too harsh a word.  Perhaps "Invitation" is more suitable here.  

Here's the scoop from the folks at Shambhala Sun magazine:

During the month of February, Sharon Salzberg is inviting a diverse group of people to participate in the meditation program that she lays out in her new book, Real Happiness: The Power of Meditation: A 28-Day Program.
Participating in the group will be a firefighter, a comedian, an investment banker, a teacher, an activist, a human rights worker, and many more people from all over North America. They will be asked to reflect on their experiences—pleasant, difficult, and in between—and then blog and/or tweet about these experiences. All feedback will be posted on Sharon’s website. So visit it and follow along! 

I'm going to do my best for 28 days and post portions of my experience here.  I promise my postings won't be laborious or esoteric. I'll keep it light, brief and, whenever possible, sprinkle in enough humor to keep it entertaining to all.  

More than anything, posting the journey here is just a way of holding myself accountable to the pledge to take on this invitation.  I've meditated on and off - rather sloppily - for over a decade.  Whether on my front porch or in a Zen Center, I find my monkey mind is ever present, and finding a way to coexist with it, or even control it, versus doing daily battle with it, is as noble a war as I can wage. 

So, I'll be dusting off my zafu this weekend in anticipation of February 1st.  Will you join me?

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  1. Tommy, I admire people who meditate and in theory, think it is awesome. But I have a hard time in trying to do so every day. I will let myself daydream and mentally "float" a couple of times a week outside of work hours, but that's the best I've been able to commit to. Good luck wiht your monkey mind! :)