Barefoot Zen?

Barefoot Zen?
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Thursday, June 18, 2009

Same Monkey, Different Back

I guess I should explain the title of this post. I'm piggybacking, or rather monkeybacking, off of the TC Boyle essay below. Read it if you haven't. "This Monkey, My Back" - I think it's pretty fascinating. Then go check out "Tortilla Curtain" or "If the River Were Whiskey" and fall in love with the linguistic architecture of a master craftsman.

Meanwhile, back here on Mere Mortal Blvd, I'm realizing that I am blogging less and less, and hearing from my handful of readers even less so. If I were an ABC sitcom, I'd be on the chopping block, right next to "According to Jim". I shutter at the thought.

This blog is a great place to come vent, share inspirations, and comment on the latest pop culture train wrecks. However, recently, I've been jonesing for something more. I've had more stops and starts with short stories than I care to mention over the past couple of years. My muse has seemingly found herself with a limited vocabulary of late, and her sense of adventure was waning. Moody little bitch.

A late night visit with a friend and mentor changed all that. A few chips and salsa fed the body while a 'get your artistic act in gear, son' conversation fed the soul. I left inspired, reinvigorated, and thinking, as he said, "Why the hell not, life's too short. Write something. Leave your mark."

So, this blog is about to become even less active, though I'm sure you can expect to see some vacation pics, family updates, and more than a few comments on how baseball season is shaping up as the year progresses. The big pullback for me won't be this blog - it's gonna be Facebook, which is my downfall. I've been more addicted than Drew Barrymore with a meth lab in her movie trailer.

I'm trying to pull back from Facebook, but as I've told many people, my reason for getting into acting in the first place was to get attention and see positive reactions from the pretty girls and the cool guys - this goes back to sixth grade. So, when I can post something semi-clever and entertain 600 people with next to no effort, well, that's some pretty powerful cyber-heroin, Mr. Cobain.

That said, the effort is being made to back off the stuff. A little less Face, a little more Book. I've started writing my first novel, "The Puzzle of Autumn", and that's all I'll say about it. Wish me luck, send me encouragement, and cyber bitch-slap me if you see me on Facebook on this blog too often. I've got kids to raise, a business to run, and now...a book to write. Life's too short.

Chapter One...The adventure begins. What happens next is anyone's guess. And that's the fun of it, isn't it?

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  1. I wish you the best on your adventure!!!! And fully believe that it will appear on Kindles all over the world someday...I mean, bookshelves.