Barefoot Zen?

Barefoot Zen?
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Friday, October 3, 2008

Neitzsche Family Circus

Do you believe man is a rope stretched over the abyss?

Do you believe PJ and Dolly will always cry 'Not Me' when accused of a wrongdoing?

Do you wrestle with the notion of a higher power?

Do you wonder why dad turns his comic strip over to the artistically-stunted, pun-loving Billy on holidays?

Well, then, this site is for you:

My buddy John turned me on to it and I meant to post the link a long time ago, but when a friend on Facebook today reminded me that 'from chaos comes order', and I couldn't remember if he was quoting Nietzsche or Mel Brooks, this website came flooding back to me.

So, enjoy the caustic, nihilism of the notorious German philosopher merged with the images of the family so cute and clever even Hallmark hates them. It's the Nietzsche Family Circus!

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  1. haven't even gone there yet, but i know this is gonna be so so good.