Barefoot Zen?

Barefoot Zen?
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Sunday, September 7, 2008

Truth in Comedy

One of my favorite election year stories comes from comedian Bill Hicks, though to call him a comedian really does him a vast disservice. Socio-political prophet of doom and hope, perhaps?

This is a chilling reminder to those of us who are praying November 4th brings us a new political landscape, regardless of who we're rooting for. This is how Bill tells it, and I'm paraphrasing, b/c I don't have this routine recorded anywhere:

The U.S. elects a new president, a 'get things done' guy who is enthused at the possibility of really doing some good for our nation. On the first day of office, he is directed to a meeting in a secret bunker at the White House. He walks in, and sees heads in silhouette, rings of cigar smoke billowing to the ceiling. These shadows are the top leaders of industry - big oil, big tobacco, the engine that keeps the stock market in motion, powerful lobbyists, and those invested in what happens here and in a desert far, far away. The President sits. A gruff voice says, "Roll the film!"

The President is then shown a video clip of the Kennedy assassination from an angle no one has ever seen before.

The video cuts off abruptly as Kennedy's car is whisked away, Jackie cradling his wounded head.

The voice then asks the new President, "Any questions?"


  1. yikes! he certainly will have his obstacles. sir, here's a steaming pile of crap, and we'd like you to turn it into daisies.

    when i first saw the post, i though that pic was of john larroquette.

  2. i need to rent me some more bill hicks.

  3. yeah, tommy...but can you get mel torme to come sing???